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      Welcome to GLOBE METALS:
Globe Metals was established in 2011, with a focus on manufacturing of quality products Pure Lead, Lead Sub Oxide (Grey), Lead Alloys - Antimony with Selenium (Selenium Lead Alloy), Lead Alloys – Antimony.
Our clients can avail from us Lead Antimony Alloy largely used for grids production of lead-acid battery. The Lead Antimony Alloy improves the casting ability of the grid alloy and makes it easy to handle. Its excellent stress resisting capability makes it a popular choice.

Pure Lead
We are offering Pure Lead purity level of 99.985%
  Lead Sub Oxide (Grey)
•We also provide Lead Sub Oxide (Grey)
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Lead Alloys
•Atinmony with Selenium (Selenium Lead Alloy)...
  Lead Alloys
Lead Alloys - Antimony
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